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Advantage Co-op

Redvers, SK

About Advantage Co-op

Customer service and strong agronomy are two priorities of Advantage Co-op. From working long hours in the busy season so that they are open when customers need product, to staying informed on new seed varieties and chemicals, the staff at the Co-op have farmers best interests in mind. When getting crop advice, it is peace of mind knowing the answers have been researched and can be trusted, and if not they will tell you upfront and get back to you with an answer. The Co-op has always been a strong supporter of the Redvers Rocket’s rink crop quarter, which allows our senior hockey team to donate directly back to the community.

Advantage Co-op employees work hard to support their customers. Would be great to see them be able to help out some local organizations.

Why Advantage Co-op deserve to win

Not many events happen in Redvers and the surrounding communities that aren’t supported in some way by the Advantage Co-op. Being locally owned, giving back to the community is a huge focus of the organization. Many monetary donations are given through the year to community organizations, as well as donations for silent auction and raffle prizes for fundraisers throughout the year. The Co-op staff also contribute to fundraising BBQ’s throughout  the summer for organizations such as Telemiracle. To put an actual number on it, in the past three years they have donated over $55,000 to community organizations such as; Schools in the surround area, Lions and Community clubs, Ag Societies, the Redvers Library, Hospital, and Fire Department.

These donations along with countless other fundraising and volunteer efforts from others in the community help to keep our town strong and thriving.

How Advantage Co-op could support their community

If the Co-op would win this contest, we would like to see support towards the Redvers Rec Centre, the Redvers Early Learning and Child Care Centre, and the Redvers School Playground. The Rec Centre is very important to local business and recreation, as it houses the hockey rink which is a vital part of our town in winter months, and also the pool where many children from Redvers and surrounding area spend their summer months. The pool is currently fundraising for a new pool liner, this would help with the cost. In recent years, high demand for space required the Centre to move. While great for space, the outdoor area is currently on top of a gravel pad. The money would go a long way to building a better, safer outdoor playground. Seeding grass and planting trees would allow kids more outdoor play. The School has recently upgraded the aging playground structure to new, safe equipment for the students. It has been completed, but fundraising effort are ongoing to cover the cost.

Each of the businesses that we would like to see supported are essential to keep our town thriving. While the community of Redvers does a lot of work to support fundraising efforts, fundraising never ends in a small town, and this kind of contribution makes a huge impact on some extremely deserving and important community organizations. A common theme among the 3 chosen organizations is the focus on youth and providing a safe place for education and physical activity. Winning the contest would mean a lot for encouraging physical activity, and be a huge contribution to our town!