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AgriTeam Services Inc.

Hafford, SK

About AgriTeam Services Inc.

AgriTeam Services is a small independent company outside of Hafford, Sk. Just because they are small does not mean anything. The owners and staff strive to succeed. They would bend over backwards for growers or people in the community. Being involved and taking part of activities that happen in and around is one thing AgriTeam tries to attend. Not all the staff may participate but someone will always be there. AgriTeam tries to satisfy and keep their customers as happy as they can. Being competitive and on top of things is one of their strongest abilities. AgriTeam offers a lot and only asks to be respected for what they do. They offer deliveries, agronomy services, rental equipment, custom work and many more services for the farms and farmers in the community. AgriTeam tries their best to succeed and when they are doing that, the staff always have a smile on their face.

AgriTeam helps out in many ways. Whether its donating, supporting or just being there, they will help out. With being such a small community, AgriTeam staff makes sure they acknowledge everyone they see, no matter the person. Thanks AgriTeam for being around all these years and for what you do to help out. Its greatly appreciated and hope to have many more years of them around.

Why AgriTeam Services Inc. deserve to win

AgriTeam supports everyone around the community. From 4-H clubs, to hockey teams, ball teams, school events and school fundraisers. They want to see all the local kids partake in these community groups or events that take place. Whether they are donating money for jersies, or fertlizer for the local football field, AgriTeam will try to help out as much as possible.

With AgriTeam helping out so much in and around the community it helps kids be able to play hockey at the local hockey rink. It allows kids to have a football field to play on. But not only does it do that it makes the community a better place to be in. AgriTeam feels that the more they help out the better the community can be.

I'd just like to thank AgriTeam for everything they do to support locally. It is greatly appreciated and hope to have many more years with AgriTeam supporting.

How AgriTeam Services Inc. could support their community

If AgriTeam was to win this money it would help out in so many ways. The communiplex where the hockey rink is located along with the hall needs a lot of fixing up and the only way that happens is if they fundraise or get local help. Couple years ago the communiplex started on fire and they had to put most of the funds they had saved up to replace what had burnt. Hafford School would also really benefit from winning this money. The school is on the older side and is always needing repairs. Things are not cheap to fix and the kids need a school to attend. Without fundraising and donating the school would not be as functional as it is.

Winning this money would impact so many things. The kids in the community, the parents, and the future residents would all benefit from this. However its not always about winning. No matter what, Hafford will always have companies and people that will keep it running.

Helping one another is the best thing one can ask for. Its the little things that count the most. No matter what Hafford will always be a strong community that helps out in anyway. Thanks to Hafford for being a small but strong town. You've helped kids grow up there and build memories and hopefully more memories to come.