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CORE Ag Inputs


About CORE Ag Inputs

The staff at Core Ag Inputs-Carstairs have a genuine interest in our farm business success, they care. Their agronomic knowledge and dedication to providing the best product solutions to their growers is second to none. They are devoted to helping their customers be profitable & confident in the decisions they make on their farm, while working towards a sustainable agricultural industry. They go above and beyond with their full-service agronomy program, their product delivery service is awesome saving tons of time & money and customer application is a significant part of their business.

We wanted to say "Thank-You" because this business relationship is refreshing. We are not making conversation, we're having a conversation. There is an honesty with these guys that I've very rarely experienced. They aren't trying to sell me stuff I don't really want, they sell me stuff I need.

Why CORE Ag Inputs deserve to win

Core Ag Inputs-Carstairs has acted as community stewards for Carstairs and surrounding area since they began operation, continuing a personal commitment of supporting many community associations over the years. Core Ag Inputs-Carstairs is diverse in the causes they support, and in their inauguration year alone they contributed to multiple 4-H Clubs, Curling Clubs, Ag Societies & Associations, Lions Clubs and Community Fundraisers.

By making these donations they are helping to sustain community associations and fund programs that rely on public money to operate.

Core Ag Inputs-Carstairs, Est. 2016 by Mike Preston and Rebecca Wiebe, is a locally owned independent Ag retail in Carstairs, AB. Crystal & Christine complete the team, all working diligently to provide exceptional customer service, sound agronomic advice & top quality product choices best suited to their growing area.

How CORE Ag Inputs could support their community

If Core Ag Inputs-Carstairs were to win this year’s Thank-A-Retailer contest, they would be able to continue supporting the 4-H Clubs, Ag Societies, Curling Clubs, School Toast/Breakfast Programs and the Mountainview Food Bank. These causes are important to them because they know the fundamental importance of Agriculture in daily life, from the farmer to the consumer to the child who went to school hungry today.

Donating to these causes would benefit their community by providing continued support to various Agricultural associations, help to provide nourishment to those who need it and support our farmer’s national pastime; curling!

The Community Chest is full of so many great causes in every community that require support and the Carstairs, Crossfield, Madden & Cremona areas are no different. CORE Ag Inputs-Carstairs is only a small business but their continued contributions do make a difference. They help.