Thank you to everyone who participated and supported their retailers throughout Thank A Retailer!


Daysland Crop Management

Daysland, AB

About Daysland Crop Management

Daysland Crop Management is an agricultural retailer with the supplies and support local farmers are looking for. Daysland aims to serve their customers with superior service, agronomic advise and the commitment needed for continued agricultural success. They go above and beyond with exceptional customer service, offering agronomic services ranging from tissue analysis to crop planning and seed testing. The knowledge and experienced team at Daysland does it all. The company began operations in the Spring of 2014 at its current location which is located conveniently just outside of Daysland, half a mile south of Hi-Way 13. An office and chemical/seed storage were built on site, followed by a state of the art dry fertilizer blending system. The retail now provides products such as liquid fertilizer, full service NH3, and logistical tendering.

Daysland Crop Management has been actively involved in many projects and causes since they began operation. Some of the causes and organizations they have supported and continue to support include the Daysland Arena. They purchased a new score clock for the arena in 2014 and sponsor the public skating each year so that all children can enjoy the facility. New jersies were also purchased for the Daysland Northstars Hockey Team in 2014-15. They have also donated to the Daysland Curling Rink by purchasing one of the sheets of ice when they decided to go to mesh rings instead of paint. We support the local 4-H clubs each year by purchasing 4H steers at the final sale of the year. Minor Ball is also important to Daysland Crop as one of their employees is the president of Minor Ball, which is always looking to update their sporting fields etc. The Daysland playground committee is another one of their newest causes as they are in the process of trying to raise money for a new playground.

Why Daysland Crop Management deserve to win

As previously stated Daysland Crop is a big supporter of all causes within the community. From Hockey, Minor Ball, School Hot Lunch, Public Skating, Curling, and now playground project, they have been involved in it all. They also like to offer a couple of events for customers at Daysland Crop. In the spring they host a producer meeting, usually held in Camrose, offering a variety of expert speakers. This is done in the hopes that their customers can walk away with some very important information to benefit their farming operation. As well in late summer they invite all their customers to a steak and shrimp supper to show their appreciation for the support and patronage throughout the year.

As a result of Daysland Crop's generous donations throughout the year it has lessened the burden of operating these service groups and clubs. With the huge debt load involved with building a new hockey arena and now the cost of erecting a new playground, the community finds itself spread thin. Hopefully with a little help from all businesses and Daysland Crop in particular, it has lessened the load a bit.

How Daysland Crop Management could support their community

Should our retailer win we would most definitely donate the money to the Daysland Playground Committee. They are all working so hard at fundraising for this very important cause and this would make their life a bit easier. The playground that they have planned will benefit the whole community, not just the school.

The generous award would definitely put the playground much closer to their goal. I have attached a copy of the plan which looks like it will be awesome for all the children in our community for many years to come.

The committee is made up of young moms and dads in our community that all have a very busy life and I commend them for taking on this very important project.