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Fox Lake Agro Services Ltd.

Hanna and Consort Alberta, AB

About Fox Lake Agro Services Ltd.

Fox Lake Agro Services is part of various communities in the broad area they serve. As an independent retailer they believe in investing in their communities so they can watch their customers prosper. Fox Lake Agro Services donates to various causes and organization's. They are a firm believer in supporting the youth in the area. They are a large supporter of 4-H helping with donations, resources and purchasing numerous projects from 3 different districts every year. They are also a proud supporter of various youth groups and minor sports organizations' from baseball, basket ball and hockey. They firmly believe that education is the key to success's as a commitment to their customers they hold various workshops every year featuring guest speakers on various topics soil/building, herbicide selection, seed, forages, grazing and cattle health.

They have truly blossomed since starting in 2012, with locations in 3 communities. As an independent it truly isn't possible without the support of our local community members. They understand as their customers help them grow they enjoy nothing more then helping them in return. They are here because of they value their wonderful clientele and this would be a great way to say thank you in return !

Why Fox Lake Agro Services Ltd. deserve to win

Their employees are deeply involved in there communities from volunteering for various community events and organizations and to community improvement projects.

Fox Lake Agro have helped many youth teams with funding for various tournament's, new uniforms and sports gear. They have helped many kids have a good head start through their support of 4-H

How Fox Lake Agro Services Ltd. could support their community

If Fox Lake Agro were to win we would love to see the money go to the Consort Community swimming pool it is need of some major and costly renovations. It is a pivotal part of our small community teaching swimming lessons and a great source of entertainment for various people of all ages in the summer time keeping them healthy and active.

The monies would give a huge boost to the fundraising efforts for the pool and help keep it operational. In turn it would make sure that the youth in our small town won't have to go without the opportunity to take swimming lessons and provide them and families with a key source of entertainment and exercise in the summer months !

We truly believe the opportunity to help support the pool if we won would have a lasting effect through the area. It is a key hub in the summer time which brings numerous people into town for lessons and public swim which in turn helps keep our small but pivotal community alive !