GDT AgServices Ltd.

GDT AgServices Ltd.

Strongfield, SK



Their crops for communities donations to our rinks, schools, hospitals and town halls in their trading areas. They were a main sponsor for our "Leader in Me" program that we have brought to Loreburn Central School. This program teaches our kids (from kindergarten to grade 12) the 7 habits of highly effective people. They practice these habits daily and have learned that everyone can be a leader in something. This has been a great program for both our kids and the community as they kids are teaching all of us. They NEVER say no. They may not always be able to the major sponsor to all events, but they always contribute in some manner. I the past they have organized a community Christmas parties, charity golf tournaments and harvest windup parties for their customers and their families. Heck they even sponsored a music video for a local artist. Google Bobby's Drums to see it. They give our residents jobs in small towns where there aren't many!!! That supports all of us!


Because they have 3 retails, I am guessing like always, they would divide the money and each community would $5000 for a project the have been trying to get off the group or struggle to keep open. I know in my area, they are strong supporters of our rink. As we have very limited recreation activities for our youth, we depend on these types of donations to keep the lights on. For the Broderick location, they have been trying to raise the money for a new pool and I wouldn't be surprised if that's where the donation for that area went. For Tullis, the main centre is Lucky Lake and they, much like us, struggle to maintain the funds to keep their rink functioning. Even if they donate to different causes within our communities I am certain that they will be causes that are in as much need as the ones stated above. They are very diligent in ensuring that all groups get a piece of the pie and no one is left out. That is the main reason that I support them as a retailer!!!