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Hawks Agro - Central Butte

Central Butte, SK

About Hawks Agro - Central Butte

Hawks Agro has gone above and beyond when it comes to giving back to the local community and area. Donations and prizes for local sporting events, tournaments, or bonspiels. As well as the 800 CHAB's great eight promotion they ran for several years giving money back to a winning community project. Also making very substantial financial contributions to the local volunteer fire department, contributing to the purchasing of a new fire truck and updated rescue equipment. Hawks Agros' community involvement has been nothing short of fantastic. All of this is on top of the professional service and advice they provide to the local agricultural community. With a large selection of products, hours of service, and delivery options to fit everyone's needs Hawks Agro has the complete package. But most important, they have a focus on the community and all of their customers. Hawks Agro is an outstanding retailer.

Being a business in a small community is more than just providing a product or a service. It's about looking after those who support you and the community they live in. Hawks Agro does an amazing job of this, and for that I say thank you.

Why Hawks Agro - Central Butte deserve to win

Funding and volunteer hours have been provided to several groups in the local area. Such as Kinsmen, Volunteer Fire Department, Minor Hockey, Curling, Minor Ball, and the Splash Park.

Prizes have been provided for several successful youth sporting events, as well as curling bonspiels. A splash park has been opened in town which the organizing committee was a contestant in their 800 CHAB great eight program. A new fire truck and several emergency rescue tools have been purchased with help of the funds they provided. Sponsorship of many events hosted by local service groups.

How Hawks Agro - Central Butte could support their community

The local rink will soon be looking at major upkeep or replacement of its ice plant. This will be a substantial cost to the volunteer based facility. The Splash Park operation to provide families entertainment during the summer. Improvements to the summer time sports fields. Pools in the surrounding areas needing upkeep.

All of these facilities are looking to maintain their level of service to the community and area. All of these projects take considerable amounts of funding as well as volunteer hours to see the renovation projects completed.

Any money that gets spent back into the community has a substantial return for everyone in the area. Without these facilities the local area is at a great loss.