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KARE Ag Services Ltd.

Radisson, SK

About KARE Ag Services Ltd.

The KARE Ag staff is always willing to answer any questions about products, they also give advice on what would be good for your farm based on where you are. KARE Ag 's agronomist is always willing to go and scout a field and give advice based on what she sees. The KARE Ag staff will always go out of their way to help, if that means delivering product so that the grower does not have to come to he retail, which may save him some time in a very busy season. The KARE Ag staff go out of their way to get to know their growers and their farming operation. The coffee pot is always on. KARE Ag always supports local community events when ever possible.

I want to say thank you to KARE Ag Services because they go above and beyond to make growing a crop as easy as possible and are always trying to help get the most out of the land as possible. They are also great supporters of the surrounding communities.

Why KARE Ag Services Ltd. deserve to win

They have helped the local 4-H clubs. They have helped local community rinks with up grades.

The local 4-H clubs would not be able to run programs, which in turn kids would not learn about agriculture or community involvement. The local rink would not be able to operate, the kids would not have a place to learn about team sports or do winter activities.

How KARE Ag Services Ltd. could support their community

Surrounding community projects

It would help surrounding communities have the means to finish some much needed improvements.

KARE Ag believes in supporting local communities, a growing them as they are the back bone of the province and Agriculture business.