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Lake Country Co-op Agro

Canwood , SK

About Lake Country Co-op Agro

The team at Lake Country Co-op ag centre in Canwood are customer care specialists! The staff there is happy and courteous, a visit there feels like a visit with an old friend. They are knowledgeable about the products they carry and go out of their way to find an answer if they don't know it themselves. They are more than willing to make deliveries or follow up phone calls to make sure everything has worked for their customer.

We would like to say thank you to The Lake Country Agro Center @ Canwood because they offer full agronomy services, fertilizer, crop protection services, and seed to our local farmers. The residents of Canwood have to travel to obtain MANY of our necessities in today's society and having a LOCAL dealer/ distributer means a great deal to our small village. Our community was built by farming families and farming families want to keep our community going.

Why Lake Country Co-op Agro deserve to win

The team at the Canwood Lake Country Agro Center really do as much as they can to support our village. They contribute to the development and maintenance of a specially designed outdoor learning space for the Kindergartens and Pre-kindergartens at the Canwood Public School. They helped plan and contributed financially to Canwood's 100th Anniversary as a Village. The staff often volenteer to work in the kitchen at the Canwood and District Memorial Arena (more commonly known as the Canwood Skating Rink) . Some of their staff have also made time to come to tie skates for 60+ elementary students during the Canwood Public School Skating Program.

The staff at this retailer have built lasting and meaningful relationships with the members of there community. They help keep the public Skating and Curling rinks viable with the money raised in the kitchens. That money can go directly to operating and maintenance of the buildings when volenteers provide the man-power required.

The Lake Country Agro Center @ Canwood staff brought this contest to our attention because they wanted to be able to do More for our local facilities. They want to win this contest so they have the ability to give greater financial assistance to a very important project at the Canwood Skating Rink. The Canwood Skating Rink requires a new roof and they want to keep our beautiful rink going.

How Lake Country Co-op Agro could support their community

We would like the money to be put towards the roof recovering at the Canwood Skating Rink. The rink is a vibrant community gathering place. We need to protect the building's heritage and integrity with a quality roof covering. The project will cost approximately $100 000 and we are fund-raising and looking for sponsors to complete the project in 2018.

By contributing to the Canwood Skating Rink roof recovering project the Lake Country Agro Center @ Canwood would be preserving a piece of the village's history and heritage and community spirit.

The Canwood Agro center team are good people who do good things. With this financial contribution they would be able to accomplish great things!