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Max Underhill’s Farm Supply

Vienna, ON

About Max Underhill’s Farm Supply

The operation is family owned and operated and go out of their way to support local causes such as Junior Farmers of Ontario to the Local Fire Department. If a farmer is struggling with an issue such as severe weather effect (ie. hail destroys crops) they will work with the producer to make sure they are able to put the next crop in and get back on their feet. I have personally seen this and unlike other firms who maximize profits they maximize the community.

Thank you for being a supporter of the community you live in. For helping out people who have severe set backs and helping them to continue as a producer.

Why Max Underhill’s Farm Supply deserve to win

Any employee who is a volunteer fire fighter is allowed to leave work and go to the call. This is important when living in a low density population that is aging and a number of the first responders work out of the area. They use their facilities to host Oil Recycling, Battery Recycling days for local farm organizations.

The community as a whole has benefited from their presence.

How Max Underhill’s Farm Supply could support their community

If they were o win, the money would go towards local farm organizations that are focused on the next generation producers.