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McEwen’s Fuels and Fertilizers

Barrhead, AB

About McEwen’s Fuels and Fertilizers

McEwen's Fuels and Fertilizers has been a locally owned and operated independent business since 1980. We have 9 sites in Alberta north of Edmonton with Barrhead being the most recently acquired in October of 2016. The staff there have always been involved in the community.  McEwen's is a high service company and having great people is what helps them stay ahead of the curve. They believe that having many locations in small towns keep them engaged in the community and they encourage all of their staff to be involved locally.

Giving back to the community is always a priority and though McEwen's is new to Barrhead, giving back is not new for them to become involved in the communities that support them.

Why McEwen’s Fuels and Fertilizers deserve to win

All McEwen's locations over the years have supported many different organizations, from 4H , minor sports clubs, senior sports clubs, the Stollery Children Hospital Foundation, and Stars Air Ambulance to name a few. They also sponsor many local farm learning events such as being a gold sponsor of the Prairie North Farm Forum held in Barrhead this fall. Also, as previously mentioned they support locally by encouraging their McEwen's team members to be involved in the community in such ways as coaching minor sports!

By supporting the communities they encourage team building and with the farm events sponsored they encourage forward thinking to the farmers and encourage farm safety!

How McEwen’s Fuels and Fertilizers could support their community

For Thank A Retailer this year, McEwen's would like to donate the money if won to the Blue Heron Support Service Association located in Barrhead.

If McEwen's is chosen as the winner the money would go to support this amazing group which works in all of Northern Alberta. It is based in Barrhead and helps adults living with disabilities transition to every day involvement when it might not be that easy to do. They offer a LIFE platform which stands for Living Independent For Everyone as well as life day to day training. This organization can benefit  we are glad to put McEwen's in the hat for your votes, thank you very much for the opportunity to help such a great organization!

To offer these programs it takes financial support, we feel any amount of winning will greatly help this great organization.