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Medicine Hat Co-Op

Cypress County, AB

About Medicine Hat Co-Op

Medicine Hat Co-Op has been around for a very long time and have always been dedicated to communities they are in and surround them. They have always helped in so many ways to give back to the communities and it would be nice to see them win this. They provide their members with exceptional customer service, agronomic support and offer many agricultural inputs – such as fertilizer, custom application services, crop protection products, crop scouting as well as canola and forage seed. The team at Medicine Hat has always shown that customer service is a priority. Whether its working around the clock doing fertilizer or coming in on Sundays to load or just staying late to provide exceptional service. This is a great thing in todays business when service has changed so much.

I would like to say thank you to Medicine Hat Co-Op for everything they do in the communities to keep us going. They are always donating to our local rinks, curling clubs, 4 H and so many other things. Every year the Medicine Hat Co-Op team are always finding new and exciting ways to give back from hosting events where money earned goes to local things or purely just giving donations to things that matter to farmers. For example they gave a big donation this year to HALO that supports everyone far and wide with there amazing service. These donations the Co-Op does help relieve a lot of the stress and issues that surround fund raising and trying to maintain our local communities and activities that are costly to maintain ourselves and saying thanks to the team is just one small thing I would like to do. They are so supportive and are always willing to give up there time to help.

Why Medicine Hat Co-Op deserve to win

The team at Medicine Hat Co-op support so many causes in the local areas from Curling events, Skating, 4 H, Halo and so many others. They are always trying whatever they can to give back and it is greatly appreciated.

The results of all there donations is half of millions of dollars a year given back to organizations or communities in need. A great example is this year when a wild fire burned 85,000 acres of crop land the Medicine Hat Co-Op came to local ranchers in the area that lost a pile of acres and gave away fence supplies and anything that is related away at cost or below to help ease the burden of many who lost houses and so much else.

I would like to just say thank you to the staff and the organization for everything you do and I hope dearly you guys get to win as this will help you support more in communities that are desperately needing assistance all the time in so many different things. Thank you

How Medicine Hat Co-Op could support their community

I am looking for a donation to help up keep our local curling rink and skating rink. We are looking to buy a refrigeration unit to take our skating rink from natural to artificial ice. Also maybe if anything left we can donate some to our hall that we are looking at building.

We just got a new school and the kids cannot count on us to provide times that work as we are so reliant on the weather and it would be nice to provide our local kids activities to do in the community they like.

This will help give us extra funds for things that are always needed.