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Munro Farm Supplies - Oakville

Oakville, MB

About Munro Farm Supplies - Oakville

They have always worked very long hours (including weekends) in the busy season often contacting customers before closing each night to ensure everyone is supplied into the long night hours we sometimes work. Product knowledge and agronomic advice are top notch. They are always supportive of our community crop fundraising projects that support our community venues. In 2011 when our community was to be flooded by the "Hoop and Holler" dike cut their staff jumped in to help sand bag homes including utilizing some of their equipment. It meant a lot in what was a scary time.

Over the years their flexibility in working hours and application equipment rental has helped facilitate the growth of my farm. Their continuing support of community crop fundraising has helped our community maintain our older venues and helped grow our newer ones. They are part of what makes our community a great place to live and raise a family.

Why Munro Farm Supplies - Oakville deserve to win

They regularly support our community crop fundraisers. These are acreages where all the inputs and labor are donated with the crop proceeds going to support our sporting and cultural facilities. Our Sports Park, Arena, Curling Rink, and Community Hall all benefit from these annual efforts.

Despite the rising costs of maintaining public buildings our community continues to offer all the sporting and cultural amenities built 50 to 70 years ago.

They may be a small retailer compared to others but they have a big heart for their community and their impact should not go unrecognized.

How Munro Farm Supplies - Oakville could support their community

At 70 years of age our Community Hall is nearing the end of it's usable lifespan. We have begun a project to replace the Hall with a new energy efficient building that will also incorporate a Daycare Centre. It will be positioned to become the "Keystone" building for the eventual replacement of our ice facilities.

The impact of this new building will be broadly felt. Without a community gathering place to celebrate a community loses part of it's identity and the opportunity to enrich each other's lives. Providing daycare in a rural setting will help countless parents struggling to find child care options. Having a daycare will add attraction for people to relocate to our community thereby ensuring longer term growth.

We are not unlike countless other small prairie communities where aging infrastructure is a problem. Permanent closure of community venues is often a death blow to the entire community. We chose to take up that challenge to renew our community for the next century.