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Parrish & Heimbecker - Parrish Siding

Watrous, SK

About Parrish & Heimbecker - Parrish Siding

Parrish Siding is located 6 miles south of Watrous. They have employees from six different surrounding communities. They show great support to the needs of the surrounding communities. The staff puts in long hours in the busy seasons to make sure their customers receive top quality service.

We would like to give them some recognition for all that they do for the area and for their customers.  

Why Parrish & Heimbecker - Parrish Siding deserve to win

Over the past year Parrish Siding has contributed to many different community functions. They support two different farm fund raising projects one in Davidson and one in Watrous with proceeds going to support needs in their areas. They have also supported the Watrous Curling Club, the Nokomis Curling Club, Watrous Meals On Wheels, Last Mountain Regional Park, Watrous School of Dance, Manitou Beach Rec Board, Watrous Rec Board, Liberty Ducks Unlimited, Watrous Ambulance, Liberty Fish Derby, Simpson Homemakers and Allan Parks and Rec Board just to name a few.

As a result of their support local community organizations have been successful  in making our communities great places to live, work and raise our children.

How Parrish & Heimbecker - Parrish Siding could support their community

If Parrish Siding were to win this contest, we would like to see the money go towards three different causes in our area. Kenaston Fire Department to replace an aging rescue vehicle, the Vilage of Young for their Swimming Pool Project, and the Watrous Day Care which is buying a building that is needed to support the young working families in the communit.

This money would not only give a boost financially, but this contest in general will hopefully help to create awareness of these projects to help them reach their goals.  We are small communities and having a retail like Parrish Siding be able to help make some of these projects become reality would be huge!

The Kenaston Fire Department, recreational facilities like the Village of Young Swimming Pool Project and the Watrous Day Care building fund are vital to keep the surrounding communities vibrant for years to come.