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Paterson Grain

Deloraine, MB

About Paterson Grain

Paterson Grain Deloraine is a leader for crop inputs in the south Manitoba. They continue to employee local people who are on top of the ever changing grain industry. In recent years they have expanded their facility, continue to modernized and are very supportive of the farmers.

Paterson Grain is at the forefront of supporting all aspects of our community. The company and their employees are very active in the entire community, both financial and through volunteering.

Why Paterson Grain deserve to win

Paterson Grain help with advertising, sponsorship and volunteering hours for many community events including; hockey, curling, ball, golf, 4-H, rifle club. Their local employees are involved in many of these events, as well as many other non profit organizations.

Because of companies like Paterson Grain, Deloraine has a very strong community spirit. Their involvement helps to drive all non profit group. Paterson Grain has been instrumental in helping Deloraine Winchester Community Complex's half section fundraising project. Fundraising efforts such as this go towards helping Deloraine rebuild our community hall and curling club ($4million project), which helps keep our community strong for the future.

Not only is Paterson Grain instrumental to the farmers, they are also the backbone of our community, in keeping our small town alive.

How Paterson Grain could support their community

We would like the see the money go towards Deloraine Winchester Community Complex. The complex is made up of a community hall and curling rink. Both facilities were demolished in the past year due to structural problems.

This money would be a huge help to this $4 million project. It would lesson the financial burden that has been put on the RM and well as all taxpayers in our municipality. A facility such as this complex is a huge part of keeping a community thriving and strong.

This complex will be a multi use building for the entire community to benefit from. This building will become the cornerstone of our community for years ahead.