Richardson Pioneer

Richardson Pioneer

Strasbourg, SK



The support our community receives from Richardson Pioneer is awesome. They are generous with donations to the Fire Department, as well as hockey and curling events at the Rink. Glen curls himself, serves on the Curling Club executive, and helps with cleaning and maintaining the curling ice. He recently initiated a Farm Community Curling FunSpiel. Glen is a member of the Strasbourg Lions Club and Deputy Chief for the Strasbourg & RM 220 Volunteer Fire Department. His support in sourcing crop input donations for the local Canadian Foodgrains Bank Grow Project is also greatly appreciated. Glen has volunteered many hours to these and other organizations from the time he moved his family to Strasbourg to work for Richardson Pioneer in 1992. Although I have only highlighted Glen's contributions, all the staff at Richardson Pioneer deserve a big THANK YOU for their active participation in our community.


The Strasbourg and District Community Skating and Curling Rink are currently fundraising to replace both chillers for the ice plant. The chillers have outlived their life expectancy by a few years already and our goal is to have them replaced next summer. If we do not replace the chillers soon, they could fail at any time, not only putting an end to activities for the rest of the season, but also causing damage to other associated equipment. The cost to replace both chillers is over $70,000. The skating and curling rinks are used by children, youth, and adults of all ages. In fact our oldest curler is 95+ years old! Like most small towns, the Rink is the main activity hub during the winter months. A boost of $15,000 would be a great addition to this fundraising project, ensuring our communities will continue to enjoy the improved quality of life that sport and leisure bring for years to come!