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Richardson Pioneer - Coronach

Coronach, SK

About Richardson Pioneer - Coronach

Richardson Pioneer in Coronach is a true example of a business having community spirit. They have always went above and beyond to help, support and encourage our town to grow. Being a small town we are always looking for grants to help subsidize our programs or to do improvements. Most businesses out there cater to specific causes and only support those that fall in certain criteria. This is where Richardson breaks the mould - as long as it supports our community and the people that live in it, they too will support it.I can honestly say that without this business in our town, Coronach wouldn’t be where it is today. They have provided us with recreation, improvements and opportunities that never could have happened without their donations and support. The best part is the fact that the staff is always willing to help volunteer, sponsor, organize a hockey draft or lend a hand to help out as much as they can.

.We want to say thank you to Richardson Pioneer because they are helping to sustain the community of Coronach. It seems like small towns are dying out, main streets are empty, no one is moving in and services are being lost. Its getting harder and harder to provide the same community services that were thriving just 10 years ago. With Richardson’s support, our town has joined together, we feel like we can take on these obstacles facing our town. We are grateful in their support and have banded together with them to build our community back up. For so long it felt like our community was left behind, there was no improvements anywhere and nothing new to entice people. People were giving up on asking for help. Richardson has provided a spark for our town, they have given us a reason to try and work hard within our community. Words can’t even express how their actions have transformed our town and there simply isn’t enough ways to thank them for all they’ve done.

Why Richardson Pioneer - Coronach deserve to win

They have supported the Coronach Sportsplex in every aspect. This is a building that houses a hockey rink, curling ice, outdoor pool and 4 baseball diamonds. There is not one part/activity of the building that Richardson hasn't helped, whether it be through programming, equipment, improvements or new features. Just this past summer a splash park was built with the help of Richardson Pioneers donation and support. This was truly a dream come true for our town.

Richardson Pioneer's support has accomplished so many good things for our town. Our town is prouder now. We love that we have new features, that we have improved things for the next generation and that everything is now safe for everyone to enjoy. None of it had to be done at the cost of the community, no fees had to be raised and taxes didn't have to go up. They provided us with a better community that we are thrilled to call home.

How Richardson Pioneer - Coronach could support their community

I believe that since our community is focused on building a stronger, better town that we would meet and discuss where the money would be best spent. Our focus is and always will be to provide the same memories of growing up in Coronach to the next generation. We want them to enjoy the same amenities, services, recreation and enjoyment that we all experienced growing up. Also, we want the people that helped to build this town to see it shine again and know that we love it just as much as they do.

This money would help to solidify the bond within our town, to provide us with hope for the future and to strengthen the ties between generations. I want to see young and old come together for the purpose of bettering our community. The impact would be deep as it would be another step closer to knowing that small towns can survive the bad times and end up thriving!

There couldn't be a better reason to call a town meeting then to discuss where money should be spent. The people in the community know what would be most beneficial to their quality of living.