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Richardson Pioneer - Oyen

Oyen, AB

About Richardson Pioneer - Oyen

The Oyen Pioneer has been the main player for grain/crop inputs as long as I've been farming. They've been helping farmers large and small and know everyone for a large radius around Oyen. Countless times they've been available after hours to load spray, take a late load of wheat off the combine or test a sample on a Sunday during harvest.

In this day of the farms and companies getting bigger and bigger, the staff here have shown that customer service is number one. I think that's pretty important!

Why Richardson Pioneer - Oyen deserve to win

I knew the elevator had done lots of donations around the area until I asked them. All I can say is oh yeah, gee I forgot about that one or how much to that place again?? Some of them are: -Oyen Arena Ice Plant Upgrade $15,000 -Acadia Valley Fire Dept. $50,000 -Oyen & Dist Leisure Society Bullarama. This event draws between 2500 and 3000 people for the past 18 years. Richardson has donated $1,000 annually and was a $2,500 sponsor. Proceeds go towards upkeep of recreational and cultural facilities in town. - Oyen Minor Hockey has received donations of hockey pucks for practices and canola oil for the food booths deep fryers. -new Oyen Swimming Pool $10,000 -Oyen Centennial Clock Tower $25,000 -new Acadia Valley Arena $25,000 - 4-H area club receives annual donation of up to $500 per year. This helps kids go to speakoffs and camps. -this location also makes smaller donations to other community clubs for tournament prizes etc.

Richardson Pioneer has shown a commitment to keep our community active. They have shown by donating to their customers kids hockey teams, their community halls, pools, arenas that keeping youth active in sports and activities in the area is important these days. The location also values our first responders and the volunteers that help the fire department.

A bit about the staff. The manager is a life log coach of minor hockey. His biggest challenge is having enough skaters (sometimes as low as 8 skaters) to field a team. His team has always played a respected style of hockey with the kids well mannered on the ice. Other staff have kids in minor hockey or are active with the Ag Society with horsemanship. One staff member still plays hockey with Oyen's Senior team, the Eagles.

How Richardson Pioneer - Oyen could support their community

The Oyen & District Curling Club facility is 50 years old. Most of the ice plant components have been replaced with the condenser being the latest 2 years ago. However last spring the chiller barrel ruptured resulting in a loss of the freon. This means the plant is unable to run at all. A new chiller is quoted at $67,148. A provincial matching grant was approved in late September but the chiller required to be custom made due to space constraints. To date this year there is no curling but hope to start up late in January once the chiller is installed.

This would enable the curling rink to help match the $30,000 and not put such a financial strain on the club. To date there has been no curling. Loss of revenues from 2 league nights of curling. School curling consumes 10 to 15 hours a week during school time and the after school curling takes another 5 hours on 3 week days. I hope once we get going again we haven't lost the youth's interest in curling as before it was quite active. Curling is a social and very affordable sport parent can get their kids into.

Curling as I said is social, affordable and you can curl for many years. Our High School teacher wrote a few words: Oyen & District Curling Club – Junior Curling Program The Oyen & District Curling Club is a hub of activity for junior curlers during the winter months. There are approximately 175 students from K-9, and 100 students from grades 10-12 who attend school in Oyen, and all of these students have used the Oyen curling ice. During school hours, teachers bring their classes over as part of the physical education program. Adult volunteers offer their assistance to help the students learn the basics of the game. There are three after school curling programs. One for students from grades 1-6, another for grades 7-9, and then from grades 10-12. Each of these programs run on a weekly basis during the curling season.