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Richardson Pioneer - Vulcan

Vulcan, AB

About Richardson Pioneer - Vulcan

We think that the great staff at Richardson in Vulcan should win this because the commitment they have to their customers is equal to the commitment they have to their community. Going above and beyond is what they do. We can call for a late chemical delivery or pickup and count on it to be there, a top up of anhydrous after we shutdown so we can go first thing in the morning, or we can call because the firefighters need jerseys for a charity game they're playing in, or we're building a new pool and need some funding, either way we can count on them. These guys are members of our community, they know our farms and community well, and their is no doubt they work just as hard to make one succeed as much as the other.

We want to say thank you because often we don't thank them enough for everything they do to help our farms succeed, it can get lost in the business end of things, but the staff are outstanding in the community as well and a thank you for that should not be missed. Darin and Shane have helped the local Lions Club secure a significant donation towards a new pool, Tracy, Jeff and Darin organized a 1st annual farmers golf tournament, and raised even more money for the cause. The tournament was such a huge success, brining together the farming community for a great day, and raising money for a great community project. The companies name is on the back of jerseys, posters for many events in town, and surrounding towns for that matter. Mike drives 1/2hr to work, services the community he's from and makes sure to throw Richardson's support at events in that community as well.

Why Richardson Pioneer - Vulcan deserve to win

The list of good causes and organizations they support is very long. This year, Shane and Darin spent some time talking with the Lions Club in regards to a new pool they're fundraising for, and with their help the Lions were able to secure a significant donation through the Richardson Foundation. The Firefighters just recently played in a benefit hockey game against the local High School, and Richardson stepped up to outfit the firefighters with jerseys. They support the Arena, the Curling Clubs, the minor sports teams. Their employees get together each year to support the 4H calf sale on their own. Tracy and Jeff coach minor ball, Shane is on the Minor Hockey Board of Directors, Mike is on the Curling Club Board of Directors and a Lion. Todd is a volunteer firefighter and EMT. These guys work with their company to give back and support our communities as much as they can, and they go home and do it all over again on their own.

The accomplishments as a result of their continued support in our communities are numerous, but as a whole can be recognized as the great community we live in. They help to keep our facilities running and upgraded, our sport teams outfitted and with places to play, our service clubs vibrant and viable, and on and on. We will see a new swimming facility in Vulcan in the near future and without the help of Richardson as a whole, more personally Shane, Darin, Tracy, and Jeff, we would be a lot further away from making this happen than we are today.

This summer, Tracy, Jeff and Darin started a golf tournament in hopes of making it an annual event. They called it the Farmers, I think they surprised themselves with the success. They put a ton of work into it, and it ended up being an amazing event. It brought the farming community together for a day of fun and entertainment, and in the end raised money that they donated right back into the community. These guys didn't need to do this, it isn't part of the job, but was a great way to give back to their customers, and the community. It's things like this that stand out when we think of Richardson in Vulcan, their service as a business speaks for itself and has always been great, but you cant replace things like this in the community.

How Richardson Pioneer - Vulcan could support their community

If Richardson Vulcan wins this money we have talked to them already and we would like the money to go to the Lions Club of Vulcan, to continue to help them with their efforts to raise money for the new Swimming Facility in Vulcan.

This money like any other donation to the Lions Club of Vulcan right now would put a dent in the fundraising target and goals for the new swimming facility in Vulcan. The Lions would be able to use this money to pursue other matching grants from the government in hopes of increasing that funding stream. The impact on the community as a whole will be amazing, the pool now is old, it is 30years past its lifespan, and it needs to be replaced, as it is patched and made to work each year, but could fail at any time. A new facility will be the hub of this town in the summer, and an attraction for visitors, Businesses as well as community members are going to feel the positive impacts this facility will bring to the Community.

The community knows how much this pool means to it. Without it their will be a huge void in this town. The benefits of the new facility will be amazing in many different ways. The process of getting to where we are today with this project has captured the heart of the kids and families in the area, the positive attention of people from outlying communities, and the support of so many. Now we just need to raise the remaining funds and make it happen!