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River Valley Ag Services

Saskatoon, SK

About River Valley Ag Services

River Valley Ag is a new start up retail company that is customer minded and is involved in many communities. It places the needs of it's customers ahead of it's own

Because River Valley Ag has great staff that are knowledgeable and have helped me in deciding what products best meets my needs to maximize profits on my farm.

Why River Valley Ag Services deserve to win

Because River Valley Ag is fairly new to the agriculture retailing business, their community involvement to date has not been as visible as to what will be.

River Valley Ag has given to local charities within their retail areas when requested. However, this is the reason I want to nominate them in this contest. If River Valley Ag win this contest they will put significant dollars back directly into community funding..

River Valley Ag has built a new Ag retailing company which has tremendous knowledgeable staff. They go out of their way to go above and beyond in helping their customers.

How River Valley Ag Services could support their community

Because River Valley Ag is involved in many I would like to suggest that if won River Valley Ag gives the proceeds to Telemiracle.

Telemiracle provides assistance to all communities where special needs are required. This a great cause which someone from any community can benefit.

Every community can benefit from donations and I'm sure businesses have more request for assistance than what they are able to provide..