Truro Agromart Limited

Truro Agromart Limited

Upper Onslow, NS



The staff of Truro Agromart has an equally strong passion for agriculture as well as their community. Many of the team at Truro Agromart are farmers themselves in rural NS as well. Nova Scotia is a primarily rural province with many organizations depending on corporate sponsorship. Truro Agromart supports many organizations. Examples of these organizations would be the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture,community auctions and fundraisers benefitting schools, fire departments,church groups, sports teams and various county exhibitions. They also support various branches of agriculture such as dairy, beef,Christmas tree and wild blueberry industries. Truro Agromart supports agriculture in general but more specifically, youth in agriculture! They support both county and provincial levels of 4-H. From 4-H judging, woodsmen, and the Royal Winter Fair teams, Truro Agromart can be counted in for their endless support.


The future of our communities depend on our youth and the future of agriculture in Nova Scotia depends on that youth as well. Truro Agromart wants to help the youth of Truro as well as Nova Scotia. The chosen project that will benefit is the 4-H livestock barn at the Truro Exhibition. These grounds are not only used for the county shows but also more often than not for the annual provincial 4-H show. This provincial show is the largest of its kind in Canada. It is open to all the 2400 members in the 100 4-H clubs in Nova Scotia. Youth earn the right to complete in this event annually. It is a wonderful opportunity for competition as well as forming long lasting friendships for the youth of Nova Scotia. The 4-H livestock barn is in need of help.The roof and all doors need to be replaced. As well the metal on the walls needs repaired. Rabbit cage shelves need to be modified and the feed room needs repaired as well. With six 4-H Alumni on staff their choice is easy to make!