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Wild Rose Coop Sedgewick Agro

Sedgewick , AB

About Wild Rose Coop Sedgewick Agro

Wild Rose Co-op continues to provide top quality service, product knowledge, and create a welcoming environment. The Wild Rose Coop Agro team always puts their customers first and makes the farmers needs first priority. Outside of the retail, they are heavily involved with the community with farmers bonspeils , local 4H clubs, local curling/ hockey rinks, and Sedgewick AG Society. The Sedgewick Agro Co-op really makes all their growers feel at home and more importantly, feel like a member/ owner of Co-op.

Wild Rose Co-op works hard to give the best support from products to service to knowledge. Individually, each grower can work one -on-one with the Sedgewick Agro Team. They are also creating a welcoming, friendly, growing environment for growers to come and do their business. The Agro Team makes their community first priority and continuously gives back to many local organizations. With their help, growers can feel supported and trusted with their buying decisions.

Why Wild Rose Coop Sedgewick Agro deserve to win

Wild Rose Co-op is a huge community supporter. They are involved with local 4H clubs and their achievement days. Co-op is a proud supporter of the local curling and hockey rink. They attend many farmers bonspiels, aid in the development of the rink, and donate to fundraisers for the different events hosted there. They have also worked closely with the Sedgewick and Lougheed Ag Societies to bring attention and support to their events. Additionally, every year Sedgewick Agro attends the high school graduation to recognize youth with high academics and similar beliefs as the co-op. All of the Sedgewick Agro Team are local members of the community who take the time to attend these events or invest the personal time in volunteering.

With the help of Sedgewick Agro, many of these organizations have been able to continuously host events, grow the clubs, and create community involvement. Investing in the members and the community has always been of high importance.

How Wild Rose Coop Sedgewick Agro could support their community

If Sedgewick Agro Co-op were to win, our community would want to see the money go towards our Local Children's Splash Park in Sedgewick. Its a new community project that's needing the support of our entire town, and Sedgewick Agro Coop is already supporting the cause at their New Grand Opening with a silent auction. All proceeds are going to this cause. With the added benefit of this possible achievement they could really help make our Splash Park even better!

Any donation, small or large, goes so greatly appreciated in Sedgewick. Our community can always benefit from added support. Co-op already does a terrific job being community minded and we think this is another great example of their continued involvement. The community splash park is a much needed outdoors entertainment and learning park for children and families to go to. It will help the community seem more appealing for visitors and locals. Currently, Sedgewick has no places for our youth to get together and embrace summer activities and Sedgewick Agro wants to be apart of that change!

Additionally the Ag Society creates huge community involvment with their Canada Day Celebrations, Rodeo Weekends, Ball Tournaments, and Family Day Weekend Celebrations. Co-op works with the Ag Society to give back at each of these events to create a strong community connection. Sedgewick Agro really believes in keeping the farming community connected starting with these great events.