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Avondale Seed Farm Ltd.

Reston, MB

51950 Points

Why Does Avondale Seed Farm Ltd. Deserve to Win?

Avondale Seed Farm is owned & operated by Fred & Lori Greig.  It provides and sells seed treatments & inoculants that are applied to the seed. They generously offer their time contributing to a tremendous number of community & agricultural initiatives. Avondale Seed Farm are founding shareholders of a prominent seed company & have been a key part of the business since the company’s inception. As pedigreed seed growers & retailers, Fred & Lori are known not only for their commitment to their customers but for their commitment to the agriculture industry as a whole. Fred was on a seed companies board of directors & served as Vice Chairman for many years & offered great direction and guidance in the company’s early days. Fred has also served on the boards of the Manitoba Pulse Growers & Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers in addition to local community groups. Recently, he participated in a Canadian wheat new crop mission in South America.

What do You Appreciate Most About Avondale Seed Farm Ltd.?

The Greig family was honoured with the Farm Family of the Year Award by the Red River Exhibition Association in 2011. “I feel it’s important to give back to the farming community as others have done before me.” says Greig “Helping to direct research where it will be of most benefit to producers continues to be a priority for me. Also, I would like to see Manitoba producer organizations to continue working together and with other Western Canadian farmers to better use the limited check-off dollars.” Fred remains committed to serving & representing Manitoba growers, ensuring the association’s efforts remain focused on delivering value to spring wheat and barley farmers. The Greig’s do what matters to customers whether it’s how they make cropping decisions, application of pesticides, our sustainable farming practices. “Avondale Seed Farm exemplifies a retailer that should be “Thanked” & we are pleased to offer our support.” David Hansen, President & CEO CANTERRA SEEDS.

Who They're Playing For?

RM of Pipestone Recreation Development Committee

Why They Chose That Cause?

The RM of Pipestone Recreation Development Committee was formed to develop and fundraise for projects in the RM of Pipestone Recreational Development Area located in Reston, MB. Phase one was the spray park development. The park opened in the summer of 2018. We are home to the only splash park with a water slide in Manitoba. Our fundraising efforts go towards the projects that develop the RM of Pipestone Recreational Area. The space offers no cost recreation opportunities to not only our local population, but to all who want or need to use the area. This unique design suits the needs of our residents but is also set to appeal to the region as a tourist destination. Next Project: •The creation of a man-made lake located adjacent to the Reston campground, golf course and spray park. •Free recreation area for swimming and non-motorized water sports will be available to all! •Once constructed, we intend to offer swimming lessons seasonally.

What Impact Will Winning Have?

The RM of Pipestone will become a one stop shop for summer recreation, including a campground, spray park, man-made lake and golf course facility. The impact economically will be dramatic through the increased traffic in our business and tourism sectors. This is an opportunity for sustainability and growth for the tourism and business sectors of our region. The creation of this outdoor space will provide an opportunity for recreation for all ages. This is a green and affordable option to create accessible recreation, provide employment through trained summer staff for swimming lessons, while maintaining an affordable option for families and community members to participate in recreation that does not exist in the region. The area has been actively discussing the options for a swimming area over the past 30 years with many differing options. When the idea of an artificial lake was discussed there was optimistic response and excitement that this project would be successful.