Aylsham Agro Inc & Pasquia Agro Services

Location: Aylsham, Arborfield, Carrot River, Porcupine Plain , SK
Charity: Aylsham Community Hall, Tulloch Memorial Arena, Carrot River Minor Hockey, Larwood-Shaw Memorial Pool

Why should members join our team?

Aylsham Agro Inc and Pasquia Agro Services is a Local Family owned Independent Retail serving the NorthEast! Our locations can be found in Aylsham, Arborfield, Carrot River and Porcupine Plain where we work alongside our producers to help them run successful farming operations. We work hard and play hard but also strive to provide our producers with the best customer service that we can! By being a local business we are heavily involved with our communities and are excited to be able to share this great contest with them! What we plan to do with the contest money is split it among all four locations to help each of our communities out. Aylsham plans on donating their share of the money to the Aylsham Community Hall/Arena. Arborfield plans on donating to Tulloch Memorial Arena to help install new LED lights. Carrot River plans on donating to Carrot River Minor Hockey. Porcupine Plain would like to donate their share to the Larwood- Shaw Memorial Pool.