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Blair’s Family of Companies

Lanigan, SK

73150 Points

Why Does Blair’s Family of Companies Deserve to Win?

Blair's way of partnering with farmers is something that is unique. Every decision is made with the farmer in mind. Often, consideration goes farther than farmers - with Blair's making all-encompassing business decisions that consider customers, employees (along with the families of both of these), ag industry, communities and the future of the company & ag industry. They build and value relationships based on trust and honesty which stems down from their owners Kevin & Darren Blair. Their location teams volunteer countless hours in the communities they live and work, provide financial support to local events and organizations that are of importance to employees, families or communities. Blair's is verbal about employing people who are "muckers and grinders" which speaks to their devotion of helping customers be as successful as possible. This can be seen via extended hours, cross-organizational efforts from employees and great effort towards continued face-to-face business.

What do You Appreciate Most About Blair’s Family of Companies?

Blair's continues to invest in technological advancements to help farms benefit in ways of being more profitable and/or efficient. A part of this is even their employees which they hire and invest in training for. They hire people who are customer focused, team players and go the extra acre to get crops in and off. Often, they can be differentiated from other ag retails by offering a solution or help prior to being asked for it. It is awesome. They have invested in programs like SUSTAIN that offer farmers a proactive approach to protect and document the health of their land for continued cropping and the future of their farms & families. They're savvy on social media and it makes them engaging to keep in touch with. By doing good business, many of Blair's relationships with customers inevitably transition to friendships. It's caring about farmers and their hobbies, kids' recitals, 4-H projects, graduations, etc. that takes Blair's from another Ag Retail to one of the best Ag Retails.

Who They're Playing For?

Do More Ag, SVH Home Building Project, and the Shelwin House

Why They Chose That Cause?

We see the vast variety of stress and challenges they deal with on a day in, day out basis. We believe that having organizations like Do More Ag available for farmers to help them acknowledge when they need help or reach out is very important for an industry where this hasn't happened as much as it should have in the past. We chose the SVH project as we know first hand that their local hospital is in need of monetary funding to be rebuilt as it serves a large population of rural people between PA and Saskatoon. Health is next to everything of importance and we would love the opportunity to help support the building of this new facility. Lastly, the Shelwin home in Yorkton is another organization we would choose to support with the potential dollars. This facility is one that has many "unsung heroes" who help with the safety and health of women and children in abusive homes and relationships. We believe that Ag is a great way of life & want to help provide a better life for others.

What Impact Will Winning Have?

The Do More Ag would impact the province of Ag Industry more so than just "our community". With saying that we would hope that farmers would potentially be able to reach out for support and work towards a healthier life by using Do More Ag as a gateway to speak out and ask for help if needed. The SVH would have an immediate effect in terms of helping complete the rebuild of the Rosthern hospital. This would allow for a better and more efficient health center for a large population surrounding Rosthern and more northern communities. Shelwin home would help the Yorkton community and surrounding area with continuing to provide women and children a safe place to go if found in a difficult life situation with no other out. Providing an option of safety for those in need would be of benefit in any case.