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Cavalier Agrow Ltd.

Spiritwood, SK

184875 Points

Why Does Cavalier Agrow Ltd. Deserve to Win?

Cavalier Agrow provides strong community support to countless projects in communities all across NW Saskatchewan. Their passion for community is most evident through their involvement in Community Growing Projects in Edam, Glaslyn, and Spiritwood. Cavalier Agrow is a major organizer and supporter of these vital fundraisers. The Growing Projects are some of the largest annual fundraisers for the local hockey arenas and Community Centres in their respective areas. Ensuring there are recreation activities for the youth of the community is pivotal to the survival of any small town. To this end, Cavalier Agrow sponsors hockey, curling, skating, and ball in multiple towns. They have donated to many 4-H Clubs and are a major sponsor and organizer of the Northwest Farmers Bonspiel. Since its inception more than $20 000 has been raised for the local rink and curling club. Over the years, Cavalier Agrow has donated more than $200 000 to communities in North West Saskatchewan!

What do You Appreciate Most About Cavalier Agrow Ltd.?

Cavalier Agrow strives for success and profitability for every single one of their growers. They collect their own agPROVE Trial data, providing local and relevant information for their growers in an effort to boost profitability for the grower. They have their very own iFARM program to develop specific variable rate fertility maps and prescriptions. They also continue to bring the latest advancements in agriculture to the area. With all of this and so much more, Cavalier Agrow has a trusting relationship with their growers. The entire Cavalier Agrow team is passionate about agriculture and is proud to support the communities in which they serve.

Who They're Playing For?

Spiritwood and District Sport and Agriculture Complex (SAD SAAC), Surrounding small community halls (Belbutte, Sandwith, Ranger, Resolute, Robinhood)

Why They Chose That Cause?

Currently there is close to 200 kids involved in minor ball with basically no facility in their home town to use. The restoration of the Spiritwood ball diamonds began at the end of last summer. Initially, funds were limited so they used the help from as many volunteers as possible to begin the takedown and cleanup. They hope to add a new backstop and dugouts if enough money is raised. The surrounding small town community halls are special places with local history second to none that quite often gets overlooked as fundraising targets. They traditionally are looked after by a small group of local neighbours who do what they can to ensure these halls stay open, but it’s often not enough when major renovations are required. Community halls sever as a meeting place and are a lifeblood for small communities, hosting weddings, Christmas celebrations, family reunions, and funerals. Supporting these halls ensures these cornerstones of the community continue to operate in their trading areas.

What Impact Will Winning Have?

Winning will be a significant help towards the restoration Spiritwood’s ball diamonds. There has been a lot of work already put into volunteering and fundraising. Winning this money will ensure they will be able to add the new backstop and dugouts as they hope for, providing children with a local place to play ball once again. This money will also allow for small town community halls to do any repairs or upgrades that may be necessary. That way the halls are still kept in good shape for use and can continue to bring communities together.