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Fox Lake Agro Services

Consort, AB

6375 Points

Why Does Fox Lake Agro Services Deserve to Win?

Fox Lake Agro Services is a locally owned and operated retailer of seed, chemical, and a variety of agricultural products. They take a dedicated approach to customer service and realize that farming is not a 9-5 business, and working above those hours is how they rise above the competition. Their knowledgeable and local staff are there for you for 24 hr support, 365 days a year, offering delivery of their products, and educated advice. The members of Fox Lake’s sales team are locals involved in the communities they serve proudly volunteering, coaching local sports teams and donating to community events. They believe education is the key to success putting on various grower clinics throughout the year on topics such as soil management, herbicide use and crop technology.

What do You Appreciate Most About Fox Lake Agro Services?

An important aspect we appreciate about Fox Lake Agro is the honesty that they provide. They don't try to up sell and they work hard to find the best products to fit our specific farming operation by providing the knowledge that we trust. We also appreciate Fox Lake for their dedication to our community, they have a vested interest in supporting local endeavors and are involved either by volunteering or sponsorship. Overall we highly value Fox Lake's honest approach to helping grow our farm to it's potential and growing the community around it as well.

Who They're Playing For?

Consort Community Pool Association

Why They Chose That Cause?

The Consort Community Pool Asssoc is striving to improve recreation opportunities in the Consort community by raising money for a new recreation facility. The current pool is in dire condition, costing the Village of Consort money and time in upkeep. The pool is an important hub for youth and young families in our surrounding area. It brings people to town, provides employment for youth, offers exercise and physical benefits for the local people.

What Impact Will Winning Have?

Securing this funding would allow the Assoc to move ahead with their new pool project. By the successful completion of the pool, it will improve the community for it's visiting and local residents. It will provide recreation opportunities in the surrounding area for years to come. Water safety, swimming lessons, and physical exercise are all important to our community. It will provide a place for our youth to go and engage in physical recreation without having to leave the community. Without the pool, families will have to venture elsewhere taking their economic value and spending with them.