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G-Mac’s Ag Team Inc.

Rosetown, SK

311475 Points

Why Does G-Mac’s Ag Team Inc. Deserve to Win?

G-Mac's is always there for their customers and their community.

What do You Appreciate Most About G-Mac’s Ag Team Inc.?

They’re always around for all your cropping needs .

Who They're Playing For?

Jagow Gasper Park

Why They Chose That Cause?

Our community has lost a very dear family this past year. The community of Rosetown is fundraising for a park in Rosetown on behalf of the Jagow Gasper family. G-Mac’s contributes locally in a number of fundraisers and this one would be a special one to help out with extra funds.

What Impact Will Winning Have?

Help with appreciation of the wonderful family that was lost.  We want to honor this family with a lasting memorial.