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G-Mac’s Agteam

Leader, SK

About G-Mac’s Agteam

G-Mac’s AgTeam is widespread and widely known in the farming industry! Their commitment to farmers is “growing”! They keep up to date on the latest farming information and trends so that they can take that information and knowledge straight back to their farmers and their fields! The Leader G-Mac’s AgTeam location first opened their doors in 2003 and its location has grown immensely since! These additions not only created more jobs for people to be part of the G-Mac’s team but also within other businesses in the community. Which in turn grows the town of Leader and area. With these expansions they are able take care of all their farmers needs that much more efficiently. The employees of this location always go the extra mile to make sure that their customers are well taken care of during peak farming times they are available 24 hours a day so that they can keep farmers in the field during seeding, spraying, and harvest.

I would like to say Thank You to G-Mac's Agteam for always giving back! Throughout the community and surrounding area that G-Mac's does business with you would be hard pressed to not see G-Mac’s AgTeam as a proud sponsor. The staff always takes it the extra mile above and beyond; if an extra set of hands is what you need G-Mac's is where you would go. They never think twice about lending a helping hand and getting the job done and done successfully. Community and it's growth and people are always number one.

Why G-Mac’s Agteam deserve to win

From the swimming pool, hockey rink, minor ball, the 4H club, to music and dance festivals as well as the many community events and fundraisers; G-Mac’s is there! Community volunteering is always top of G-Mac’s list. As a new project for G-Mac’s is bringing agriculture to the classroom; working hand in hand with the students and teachers to teach more about agriculture and the food we grow and eat. Creating knowledge for our future generations. They are also hitting the communities tables directly by hosting cooking classes providing knowledge, new recipes and ideas using locally grown grains. G-Mac’s and their business partners are fortunate to be able to commit to on going projects committing chemical, seed, fertilizer as well as man-power for the Town of Leader’s farmland and the Food Grains quarter. With all profits going towards the town of Leader's fundraising projects and the Canadian Food Grains. This is just a few of the on-going commitment to giving back projects they do.

As a result of seeing the support and contributions that G-Mac's provides throughout the community and area they are the go to guys! People know that they can count on their knowledge and support in any area they are asked to help out in. They are reliable in their business knowledge and dependability. As well as in their community involvement; you can always count on them to be there and to be proud supporters!

Our farming community has seen over the years that G-Mac's Agteam is continuously expanding their knowledge, business and services they supply enabling producers to maximize their farms. If farmers are growing, G-Mac's Agteam is growing and it then trickles down to the community and surrounding area's success.

How G-Mac’s Agteam could support their community

Our community is in the progress of two major expansions. After many peoples on going effort over many years; we are currently building an Integrated Healthcare facility! On-going financial assistance will be needed to make this facility the best for its patrons. The new hospital will benefit each person in the town as well as the many surrounding communities. This facility will not only bring in new families and Doctors but will be a huge impact on the healthcare needs of everyone. The other project that Leader is undertaking is the building of a new curling rink. In 2016 Leader got the news that the arena needed a new compressor and our curling arena was being condemned! The communities first fundraiser was for the compressor room where G-Mac’s was a Diamond financial sponsor which started the fundraising campaign. The building of a new curling club is next on the list! If G-Mac’s receives this funding it will go towards the Integrated Healthcare Facility and the Curling Rink

This money would be a stepping stone towards the funding completion of another Leader community project. Whether you are a young person, married, retired or in need of assisted living Leader can be your community. Being part of this community the dreams of growing our community are endless. When faced with an area in need volunteers, fundraising, and community involvement the town of Leader never shy's away from taking on the task. As they can for see the end result that is for them and those that live in the community and area. Although both of these projects are very different they are both part of our community and what it has to offer. Leader might be a town of a 1000 but has the heart of millions.

Having a healthcare facility obviously is beneficial on so many levels. The commitment to having this dream a reality has been almost 15 years in the making of applying for approval from the government to even consider our community for this building. Which goes to show the level of importance for us to have this happen. From young to old everyone needs reliable healthcare. Making it top of the community list. So many communities face the same story as our curling rink did being condemned. For many communities their doors were closed for Leader that is never an option. It is added the list of what is next to build. As everyone knows the end result is for the community; building the community! Making why we live in such an amazing place!