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Gilbert Plains Coop

Gilbert Plains, MB

57400 Points

Why Does Gilbert Plains Coop Deserve to Win?

The staff here always goes above and beyond! They will help out no matter the situation! They seem to be the cornerstone of knowledge and trust. They are always open at busy times and I am talking 6:30am until 10:30pm 7 days a week! If you call a head and ask nicely they will stay later to help you keep going. No one can match their service and always be greeted by happy helpful people

What do You Appreciate Most About Gilbert Plains Coop?

The reason this ag retail should win is because they are community based and are like family! They donate to multiple causes whether it paying for a lunch for Daycare fundraiser to donating $15000 to help finish off the school playground structure to donating $50000 to help pay for our new community hall. They have 5 staff on the fire department and their sprayer water truck is constantly used to help fight fires where water is limited. They will always stay late and make sure your needs are met. There will be an answer for any question.

Who They're Playing For?

Gilbert Plains Splash Park

Why They Chose That Cause?

It has been something the community has wanted for years but always had other projects. We think it will be a good thing as we need to get and keep young couples here and this will give kids something to do. These parks have been huge successes in any community they have been built

What Impact Will Winning Have?

It would be a huge monetary help to really jumpstart this project and would definitely speed up the projected completion date. It would make a lot of people extremely excited and appreciative!!