GJ Chemical Co. Ltd.

Location: Arnaud , MB
Charity: STARS

Why should members join our team?

We all know someone that has needed the essential service STARS provides to our rural communities. And in the last couple of years, we’ve seen first hand the impact this special team of professionals have had on our local area. Eight times per day across their six bases, STARS carries out life-saving missions, providing the prospect of a second chance to those who may not have had one otherwise. Sometimes it’s a heart attack in a rural community, occasionally it’s a bad fall in a remote area, and all too often it’s a motor vehicle collision on the busy roads and highways you and your friends and families travel. For all of us in the Agriculture industry, and in the rural area’s we work in, STARS can make the difference in the crucial seconds when it really matters. We’re proud to get behind them, and do our part in keeping the helicopters in the air, and the service where and when it’s needed. Please help us in voting, because with your support, #WeAreAllStars .