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Hawk’s Agro

Swift Current, SK

21775 Points

Why Does Hawk’s Agro Deserve to Win?

I believe Hawk's Agro deserves to win based on doing whatever it takes to keep wheels moving forward and getting the job done. For instance Hawk’s has brought fuel out to a stranded client who had run out, drove up to Yorkton on a Sunday to pick up packages for a client before Christmas, bought a list of personal items (boxer briefs) that were on a ‘Black Friday’ sale to help a client who couldn't make it into town on time (saved him over $140), responded to a panicked client’s phone call by providing a meal for their harvest crew while the cook was away.

What do You Appreciate Most About Hawk’s Agro?

It has also been common practice that Hawk's allows clients to have parcels shipped to their address, where it can be unloaded and stored until convenient to pick-up. But sometimes it’s the smaller things like having a bucket of dog biscuits in the delivery truck as a way to show appreciation to their client’s faithful guard dogs, or asking if they need anything from town before heading out to their farm for a meeting. This is all above and beyond what we have come to expect from an Ag Retail; extended hours, delivery to the field, competitive pricing, knowledgeable staff. But having a partner like Hawk’s Agro who cares about the individual(s) behind the farm name is what stands out among the rest.

Who They're Playing For?

Wymark School, Vanguard School, Ponteix School

Why They Chose That Cause?

We have chosen to support the three rural schools that are closest to our operating facility near Neville, SK because it was agreed upon by the group at Hawk's Agro to invest in the young minds of the future.

What Impact Will Winning Have?

We believe the impact that the funds are capable of will give pride to the children with wearing new sports jerseys or upgrade teaching technology or enhance a music/art/drama program or expand their horizons with a unique field trip.