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Huron Perth Ag Service

Woodham, ON

About Huron Perth Ag Service

The Huron Perth Ag team goes above and beyond to ensure that each customer achieves the success necessary to provide optimal growing potential of their farm commodities which in itself, adds to the sustainability of production of commodities to feed both livestock and humans through their Identity Preserved (IP) programs. They spend a great deal of time completing farm calls, checking crops and are available 7 days a week to ensure the success of each and every customer involving detailed crop consulting for all their seed/fertilizer and chemical programs .

The Huron Perth Ag Service team , shows their generosity to give back to the community includes not only their farmer to farmer guided principle approach to crop science, but also the Huron Perth Ag Team has been involved in such fundraising events as the Cole Heesles Foundation event, Annual Don Boyes Memorial Curling Bonspiel, Exeter and Area Farmers' Bonspiel with all proceeds given to the local hospital SHH. The Huron Perth team has been instrumental in the organizing of the Farmers' Bonspiel for many years; this involves many hours of sponsorship raising (from local businesses) to ensure not only a fun filled experience occurs for local farmers and local community persons but also maximizing the money raised for the local hospital of which all benefit.

Why Huron Perth Ag Service deserve to win

The Huron Perth Ag Services support local business in their many information and learning sessions providing catering and rental services for these meetings. eg. Exeter Masonic Hall rentals, local Catering services to provide customer appreciation events; rentals at the Exeter Curling Club; local business gift cards for customer appreciation and draw event prizes;

Many dollars have been raised in the local Exeter and area businesses and charity fundraising; South Huron Hospital Foundation, Jessica's House Hospice;

The Huron Perth Ag Service, even more than an agri-business, is a friend of the community as well as a knowledgeable entrepreneur for crop science and agriculture betterment. Land stewardship for a sustainable future for agriculture is a large part of their value statement and to further their dedication to the rural community and management of the future of farming, the team is a friend of the community!!!

How Huron Perth Ag Service could support their community

We have a great need in our community for a hospice - Jessica's House - and to support this endeavor, the Huron Perth Ag Services' team plan to give their support once again, to this most precious memorial tribute for those requiring End of Life Care, to find peace and comfort in their own community surrounded by family and friends.

These funds would contribute to the ongoing needs required to sustain the care provisions of the Hospice, with nursing and PSW care needs around the clock; to give family and friends a place to spend the last days and weeks with their loved one in beauty and tranquil setting - just like home! These costs are an ongoing need to support the work of the Hospice.

Aside from funds raised for our local Hospice, Jessica's House, the Huron Perth Ag Service team support our local Kirkton Woodham Optimist club with fundraising dollars returning to the community to enhanced opportunity for local youth. eg. Kirkton Woodham Community Pool, Kirkton Fall Fair events,