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Independent Crop Inputs Inc

Taber, AB

11050 Points

Why Does Independent Crop Inputs Inc Deserve to Win?

Taken from ICI's website: "As a true independent we choose to work with all farms. Not just one sector, nor one type of operation but all farms. We believe relationships are what build trust. We believe in building community and recognize that trust is earned. Trust is simply good business for everyone involved." As a producer who is a regular costumer at ICI I can attest to this. The staff at ICI has gone above and beyond quite simply by building relationships based on trust; no matter the size of the customer.  ICI brings TRUST back to the table in all their dealings.

What do You Appreciate Most About Independent Crop Inputs Inc?

There are several things that I and many other farms appreciate about ICI. When it comes to their service, whether it be chemical/fertilizer delivery, agronomic advise, or blending at the plant, ICI is second to none. It is always done in a timely fashion, often times the job is completed before you even need it. When it comes to the charitable work in the local community, ICI is a leader as well. They are regular contributors to the Taber Food Bank and Taber and District 4-H, something that is very close to my heart. Bruce Fletcher, the sales and operations manager at ICI, and I were leaders of the Grassy Lake 4-H club for several years together. Working with him in that setting taught me how much he cares for the community and the youth growing up in it. Wether it be camping in a trailer at the retail during our busy season, or picking up the phone on a lazy Saturday so I can bounce ideas off them, you cannot put a dollar value on the work ICI does.

Who They're Playing For?

Taber Exhibition Association

Why They Chose That Cause?

I have chosen this great cause because the Taber Exhibition Association (TEA) touches the community and surrounding area in so many ways. Every week TEA puts on events open riding nights, barrel racing, team penning, team roping, and even dog training camps! They also host various high school and pro rodeo events, farm safety events and machinery clinics throughout the year. TEA also hosts the Taber and district 4-H show and sale every year. This 4-H event includes steers, cow calf pairs, and sheep. TEA also hosts farmers markets once a month where local food/art/crafts are all on display. They have even hosted preschool in their lobby in the past! This organization is woven in the fabric of the community.

What Impact Will Winning Have?

The funding from this project will have a large impact on our community via the Agriplex. Wether it be more accessibility for persons with disabilities, or safer and more humane ways of handling livestock, the funding will make life easier for community members using the facilities. TEA has always received positive feedback from our user group but there is always a long to-do wishlist especially with the age of some of the infrastructure. Taber Exhibition Association would value and appreciate any exposure and/or funding received from ADAMA!