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Jackson Seeds (2013) Ltd.

Inglis, MB

25825 Points

Why Does Jackson Seeds (2013) Ltd. Deserve to Win?

Since their first year in business, Jackson Seeds has done everything in their power to help us grow the best crops that we can. If you are in urgent need of seed or chemical they can deliver no questions asked. During the busy season they are open late and are always willing to offer a helping hand if you have a question at any time of the day. They are always there for the farmers they serve.

What do You Appreciate Most About Jackson Seeds (2013) Ltd.?

Our farm and other operations appreciate the time and effort the owner and employees put in to make all their customers as successful as they can be. They are always on top of the programming and know as soon as possible what products give you the best bang for your buck and save you money along the process. They also offer customer appreciation days and are always willing to sponsor events in all the surrounding communities. They are always available to answer questions about the newest technologies. They are from top to bottom an awesome retailer and have risen to the top in only 5 short years.

Who They're Playing For?

MacNutt Kings Hockey Club & MacNutt Rec Board

Why They Chose That Cause?

I have chosen this cause because we are the only regular vendor of our local small town arena. Our rink is in need of major upgrades to the roof and we are looking to fund raise in effort to keep the arena open to people young and old. In its' current state there may not be more than 5 years remaining. We are a team full of farmers who grew up at the rink and we are hoping the rink is around for our children to grow up there as well.

What Impact Will Winning Have?

This funding would have a massive impact on our community. It would allow our rink to keep operating for years to come. We would like to re do our roof this summer. The local arena is the one of the few meeting spots left in our small town. It has a few busy weekends every year and every Friday and Sunday it is full of young people out skating with their friends much like we did when we were younger. This funding would allow more generations to enjoy our local arena like the many previous generations before us. It is the cornerstone of our little farming town.