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M&R Feeds and Farm Supply

Pembroke , ON

128425 Points

Why Does M&R Feeds and Farm Supply Deserve to Win?

M&R Feeds and Farm Supplies was started in 1981 with one employee in Micksburg, ON. 38 years later M&R Feeds has opened two additional stores. One in Pembroke, ON, the other in Shawville, QC and now locally employs 24 full-time staff members. Over the years M&R Feeds has made it their mission go above and beyond to provide for the local farming community as a one-stop shop from planting to harvest. The business offers quality agricultural, farm, pet, lawn and garden supplies/products at fair prices. Along with this comes outstanding customer service and knowledgeable staff to help you "Find the hard to find items of your farm" As business people, they treat their customers professionally and with respect. The staff is always up to date and knowledgeable on a large array of subjects connected to the ever-changing agricultural industry.

What do You Appreciate Most About M&R Feeds and Farm Supply?

If we have a need during our farming year, they will do all they can to help us and to help us to do it right. This includes hosting informational meetings for their customers on livestock nutrition and crop health. As well as organizing tours of progressive farms in our area to help us learn from each other and improve our farming practices. We appreciate how M&R Feeds is continuously giving back to the local community. M&R Feeds annually attends and contributes to the local fairs in the area. They also support both Renfrew County and Lanark Countys' 4-H clubs. In addition to Renfrew County Soil & Crop and the local Team Penning. When it comes to staffing, M & R Feeds participates in the Community Support Services program which gives people with disabilities a work placement so they may be a part of their communities. M&R Feeds also regularly donates to Canadian Foodgrains Bank, Defibrillator for Renfrew County, the Full Belly Full Mind Initiative, Shawville and Pembroke Hospitals.

Who They're Playing For?

The Muskrat Watershed Council and The Robbie Dean Foundation

Why They Chose That Cause?

The Muskrat Watershed Council is a local volunteer-led organization that promotes, advocates and implements opportunities to improve water quality within the Muskrat Lake Watershed. Currently, the water residing in and around Muskrat Lake is impacted by excess amounts of nutrients (Phosphorus and Nitrogen) entering it. These nutrients are causing the annual formation of Blue-Green Algae blooms which can be harmful to fish, wildlife, livestock, pets, and humans. The Robby Dean Foundation is also a local volunteer-led organization that was established to work with local residents in crisis to heal and support their mental health journey. The foundation provides support for both those suffering from mental illness or trauma as well as their families. Some examples of support the Robby Dean foundation provides to the local community are suicide prevention walk-in clinics, parent support pear groups, loss and grief support programs, and a sexual trauma recovery group.

What Impact Will Winning Have?

This funding would allow M&R Feeds the ability to help the physical environment as well as the social environment in the area. Both ensuring a prosperous future for Renfrew County. In the case of both the Muskrat Watershed Council and the Robby Dean Foundation, the funding could be put towards on-going or future projects/initiatives.