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Why Does PATERSON GRAIN Deserve to Win?

Paterson Grain employees are willing to help all of their clients during and after hours. They care about their customers success and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure they have done as much as they can to help. They are available when the customer needs them and are prepared to provide all necessary information when required. They have proven their high level of customer appreciation time and time again.

What do You Appreciate Most About PATERSON GRAIN?

Deloraine is proud to have Paterson Grain in their community. Paterson Grain employees are always around with a helping hand. They are available with either products, advice, or a set of hands to help. They are up to date with modern technology and are able to provide the best advice to make it work for each individuals needs.

Who They're Playing For?


Why They Chose That Cause?

The Deloraine Community Complex is a newly built structure that was just able to open its doors late this fall. It is a place for all residents to utilize whether a senior supper, Santa Day for the children, or even a social or wedding. It provides a place for people to meet and socialize, and keep our community connected. The attached curling rink offers curling at least four days a week, and has a membership of over 100 curlers. The space is also available for meetings or smaller social gatherings.

What Impact Will Winning Have?

This funding would help significantly towards our complex. With just opening the doors in the last couple months, there are some expenses that of course have come up. Our community has worked hard to fundraise for this building so a little extra boost would help alleviate some of the pressure.