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Redfern Farm Services

Neepawa, MB

43800 Points

Why Does Redfern Farm Services Deserve to Win?

Redfern Farm Services was established in 1972 in Rivers, MB, and now operates in 11 locations in SW MB. They employ over 80 regular staff, and additional seasonal staff, the total exceeds 125 employees. They are deeply involved in each community and support many varied projects, including 4-H, minor sport, curling clubs, STARS Air Ambulance, local TV station NACTV.

What do You Appreciate Most About Redfern Farm Services?

They provide farmers with a comprehensive collection of products and services, including seed, fertilizer, custom application services, soil testing, agronomy support with individual recommendations for each farmer. They are always willing to help with support, dinners in the field, workshops to help farmers learn new methods, techniques and products to help increase yields.

Who They're Playing For?

Victoria's Quilts, Canada. Neepawa Chapter

Why They Chose That Cause?

Neepawa chapter of Victoria's Quilts provides handmade quilts to all residents of Manitoba who have been diagnosed with cancer. So many people are affected by cancer and need the support and comfort that a quilt can provide. If strangers are looking out for you when you get that diagnosis, then you feel the love and caring from the larger community.

What Impact Will Winning Have?

Neepawa has the only chapter of VQC in MB and it is a huge task to provide quilts to all those who have been diagnosed with cancer. Each quilt costs between $80 and $100 and we now deliver about 200 quilts per year, so $15,000 would help us to create about 150 quilts.