Richardson Pioneer - Vauxhall

Location: Vauxhall, AB
Charity: Vauxhall Agricultural Society

Why should members join our team?

The Vauxhall Agricultural Society was formed in 1957 with 50 charted members sitting on its board. Since then the Ag Society has put in countless volunteered hours into fundraising, making Vauxhall’s community so successful over the years. From building new Rodeo Grounds, establishing the Farmers Market, Sponsoring July 1st Celebrations, and building Vauxhall’s Recreational Complex, they have done it all. Currently, The Ag Society’s vision is to raise enough money to complete renovations to the Recreational Complex’s Kitchen. Since the kitchen was built in 1963 appliances are failing making it increasingly difficult for its community members to use the facility effectively. The goal is create a safe and updated space for its community to members to continue using the facility for High School Grads, Community Dances, Weddings and the Farmer Market.