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Roland Air Spray Ltd

Roland, MB

1550725 Points

Why Does Roland Air Spray Ltd Deserve to Win?

The crew Roland Air Spray have been a huge asset to to our farm. From seed sales to chem sales to custom spraying and also agronomy, we have gotten the best care from everyone at Roland Air Spray. They are always willing to deliver product to our farm at any notice. They take the time to know our acres and crops every year and always willing to help us out at any time of the day.

What do You Appreciate Most About Roland Air Spray Ltd?

We appreciate the hours they work and are willing to work. We know they are at work early in the morning and late into the evening so we can always get our product when we need. We also appreciate their ability to deliver chem and seed at any time of the day if we need it in a hurry. They always have their cell phones turned on so we can get ahold of them at anytime. When they come out to our farm, whether it’s to help us spray or give us agronomy advise they always bring the best knowledge and give us comfort in making decisions. Our neighbours all use Roland Air Spray on their farms and have nothing but the best to say about them. We are constantly getting updates on diseases, insects and other issues that could possibly be going on in our fields so with those updates we can stay on top of scouting our crops. The crew at Roland Air Spray is always the first to lend us a hand when we need.

Who They're Playing For?

Carman and Area Community Ball Diamond

Why They Chose That Cause?

We have chosen the Carman and Area Baseball Diamonds because it supports local baseball for all ages. It also gives the surrounding communities of Roland, Elm Creek & Miami nice baseball facility to have access to at a close distance.  We want to keep recreation, fun and sport alive in our community.  We know having access to really great facilities opens so many more opportunities for the youth of our community.  They are more than baseball diamonds, they are meeting places where we get to teach and celbrate community.

What Impact Will Winning Have?

New baseball diamonds keeps families in the community and surrounding communities. New diamonds will increase players safety. It will also give us the ability to host families from across southern Manitoba.