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Rolla Ag Services Dawson Creek Co-op

Rolla, BC

7650 Points

Why Does Rolla Ag Services Dawson Creek Co-op Deserve to Win?

Rolla Ag was built on work ethic, family and service to the community and world. They were established 25 years ago in the community and have gone threw good times and bad but have always adapted to never let the customer down. In our service area there is no other retail that offers the commitment service or agricultural understanding that the team at Rolla Ag aspires to be.

What do You Appreciate Most About Rolla Ag Services Dawson Creek Co-op?

I feel the community enjoys the service, location and ability to make it happen on and off the field sort of speak. The average working day at Rolla AG in season and some times out of season starts at 5-6 am and finishes after 9 pm. We have a CCA on staff a terrific team including mechanics, professional drivers and a office sales group second to none. The Co-Op central office is a great support team with endless resources for the community and customer to access.

Who They're Playing For?

Dawson Creek and District Hospital

Why They Chose That Cause?

This Hospital is an older hospital that is going to be renovated soon. The fact that government funding is continuously being cut back makes me want to ensure every bit of extra money could be dedicated to make this upgrade happen. They service our whole farming community and when they are needed they are usually really needed.

What Impact Will Winning Have?

I feel it would benefit the whole community from children to the elderly. It may be a critical peace of equipment or perhaps night security for the emergency department as an idea.  Whatever way it could be used to benefit the hospital and community would be amazing.