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Sharpes Crop Services

Langenburg, SK

359425 Points

Why Does Sharpes Crop Services Deserve to Win?

Sharpes Crop Services is an outstanding retail when it comes to personal relationships and servicing their customers. They go above and beyond to make sure that their growers have what they need for their operation before they need it so that the farm doesn't miss a beat. Whether is is delivering Pesticide or Fertilizer, the team at Sharpes goes the extra mile. The team puts in long hours during spring to make sure that liquid fertilizer is in the grower's yard or in the field so there is no delay in operations. Keeping their chem shed open late, and on weekends during that busy season, whether it is to pick up one jug or an entire pallet. They're always around to make sure the grower and their operation come first and that their clients have what they need.

What do You Appreciate Most About Sharpes Crop Services?

Sharpes not only goes above and beyond for their growers but also for their community. They continuously put on field days & meetings for growers in the area, bringing in professionals to educate on important and current agronomic issues and topics. They get the community involved in agriculture as well! They recently put together a cookbook, For The Love of Ag, and they constantly participate in a Learn Ag Program, where they take steps to educate children in schools in the surrounding area about Agriculture. Over the last year, they have made trips to schools, planted gardens in schools. They Harvested and had a Pizza Party with all of the ingredients from the garden, incorporating fun activities for kids to learn about agriculture. The highlight of the year was probably the Saskatchewan Student Leadership Conference, hosted in Langenburg. Sharpes coordinated with one of their growers to show Power Zone Mapping, Pod Shatter Technology, Soil Sampling, & 1 Acre. This retail is amazing.

Who They're Playing For?

Learn Ag

Why They Chose That Cause?

This is Sharpes Organization that they have to inspire the next generation to know more about Agriculture. With Agriculture being such an important part of Saskatchewan's economy, it is so important that we are educating our youth about agriculture as the generations become more and more removed from the farm. They strive to provide hands-on learning and be active in our local communities.

What Impact Will Winning Have?

The impact this funding would have would allow Sharpes to do more, not only in our community but in all sharpes community locations. It would allow them to reach more children, and provide more education, more impactful and meaningful experiences for them to leave a lasting impression.