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Shur-Gro Farm Services Ltd.

MacGregor, MB

28150 Points

Why Does Shur-Gro Farm Services Ltd. Deserve to Win?

Shur-Gro goes above and beyond, on a consistent basis. For us as customers, they supply us with seed and fertilizer, they provide soil samples and help make decisions on fertility and chemical timing that works for our fields. They are quick to get us what we need, even if it’s after hours. They are available and meet you with a smile. Shur-Gro will check in during planting/harvest to see how things are going and even bring a delicious coffee break or supper by once and a while, which is always a highlight. Especially appreciated when the days get long at the end of the planting/harvest season. Great customer service!

What do You Appreciate Most About Shur-Gro Farm Services Ltd.?

They support: MacGregor Gladstone Youth for Christ Creates a community of hope in MacGregor & surrounding area, where no young person goes hungry; spiritually, emotionally, physically or relationally. MacGregor Minor Hockey Helps offset costs for MacGregor Minor hockey, which gets kids active & having fun in their community. Community Resource Centre Helps to alleviate poverty in the RM with food hampers. They are also available to assist with government forms, income tax, emotional support & help direct clients to other organizations & agencies. North Norfolk + District Ag Society – MacGregor Fair Promotion of agriculture & community life within the Municipality of North Norfolk through an annual fair. Manitoba Agricultural Museum Donations helped run the shuttle during the Reunion & Stampede which makes it easier for visitors to navigate the grounds. North Norfolk Christmas Cheerboard 48 Christmas Cheer Food Hampers were distributed in 2018.

Who They're Playing For?

MacGregor Elementary School Parent Advisory Council Playground Fund

Why They Chose That Cause?

So the current aging equipment can be updated into an exciting, stimulating play area that allows children to participate in physical activity while using their imagination and building social skills.

What Impact Will Winning Have?

This space would not only be a fun and inviting space for our students but also a community space for all children to enjoy and use.