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SJ Agronomy Services Inc.

Miami, MB

2145500 Points

Why Does SJ Agronomy Services Inc. Deserve to Win?

SJ is a fairly new business in our small town. Right out of the gate, the SJ team has shown their drive to help farmers, and the community they live in. They have gone above and beyond by making themselves available to help out in anyway, at anytime. Keeping the producer informed about the new technologies in the industry has obviously also been a key priority for SJ. After only a couple years of operation, SJ was dealt a massive blow. Tragically in January 2018 they lost Steve Livingston, the "S" in SJ. Steve was a pillar in our community and an integral part of the SJ team. Through this very difficult time, SJ was able to regroup and continue to deliver the service they pride themselves in providing.

What do You Appreciate Most About SJ Agronomy Services Inc.?

Even though SJ Agronomy is a relatively new company, they still help out the community as best they can. Everyone who comes to our arena to participate in public skating, does so free of charge thanks to SJ sponsorship. The people of SJ are all community oriented as well. Their volunteerism, is spread throughout various boards, minor sports, and the volunteer fire dept. Steve's drive to help the community was a large part of the inspiration for this nomination. Throughout his life, Steve served on several volunteer boards. However his passion for hockey stood out. Steve was a fixture in minor hockey, and loved coaching. Even after his kids out grew Miami Minor Hockey, Steve could always be counted on to help out in our old arena.

Who They're Playing For?

Lloyd Orchard Community Arena

Why They Chose That Cause?

The Lloyd Orchard Community Arena is a hub in the community. At one time the fate of our Minor Hockey and arena in town did not look promising. Thankfully participation numbers improved and rink improvements were made to help kickstart Miami Minor hockey and other rec and skating programs. Steve Livingston was an integral part of these changes. Our rink has become a busy place again, and we are proud of it. However, our dressing rooms are now in need of improvement. We feel that this is a cause that Steve would be very supportive of.

What Impact Will Winning Have?

The arena is a place that many community members enjoy. Rec and organized hockey, Funskate, public skating, school programs, family resource programs or just spectating, the rink offers something for everyone. The arena also facilitates many other regional hockey programs due to its central location. Our facilities short fall is our dressing rooms. They are small, difficult to keep clean, and would be difficult to evacuate in an emergency. We would love to address these issues.