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The Rack Petroleum Ltd.

Luseland , SK

27800 Points

Why Does The Rack Petroleum Ltd. Deserve to Win?

The Rack deliveries are always done in a timely fashion with everyone working hard as a team to make sure the customers needs are met. The office and loading space are cheerful pleasant, where we're always greeted  with a smile... even on (non) rainy days!

What do You Appreciate Most About The Rack Petroleum Ltd.?

The team is looking out for the customers best interest, not only in pricing but in product and efficiency. All workers are reliable and know each account and its details so calling the office with questions or concerns is always a positive experience.

Who They're Playing For?

Luseland Skating Rink

Why They Chose That Cause?

The Rink has been a part of Luseland hearts for a long time and it deserves not only the recognition but the compensation. The skating rink has provided a space for many good lessons learned and memories made for generations of people in the community.

What Impact Will Winning Have?

Imagine what upgrades or maintenance could be done to our skating rink with $15,000.00!!! Lets take care of our beloved facility for as long as we can.