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Milk River, AB

7900 Points

Why Does UFA Deserve to Win?

The friendly staff at Milk River UFA always make you feel welcome. Whether it's loading barrels of oil into your pickup truck or delivering bulk fuel to your yard, there is a smile on their face. They are involved in the community and actively help out. One can always find tickets for sale on their counter that is fundraising for one or more projects in town and neighbouring communities. They sponsor & host the annual Lloyd Bellew memorial basketball tournament. Lane volunteered for many years as a basketball coach & was the local 4-H beef leader and still helps out. Derek does his Santa stint every year for any group that needs one.

What do You Appreciate Most About UFA?

Being farmers, we cannot have a packaged couriered to our location. Lane & his staff allow for local farmers to use their business as a drop off for courier packages. This is a huge benefit for us. We cannot be in town for hours waiting for a package that may or may not show up on any given day or hour. They even take the time to call us to let us know when a package has been delivered as the courier driver never does.

Who They're Playing For?

Milk River Medical Clinic

Why They Chose That Cause?

The local clinic is requesting funds to purchase an Emergency Department Ecosonograph system (EDE) to be used in both the hospitals' emergency department and the doctors clinic. This tool costs $50,000 and would be substantially increase the speed and accuracy of diagnoses. The local doctor and doctor assistant have already trained to operate the EDE. We have chosen this cause as it would benefit a great number of people of all ages & diversities.

What Impact Will Winning Have?

The Milk River hospital & doctors clinic serve a large rural area including the communities of Milk River, Coutts, and Warner. There are many seniors in our communities that have to travel up to 1&1/2 hours to Lethbridge for ultra-sound tests. The EDE would save a great number of people time & money accessing this service thus speeding up diagnosis and treatment. Being located by a busy highway route to the USA, collision casualties are often assessed & treated here. We are also close to Writing on Stone Provincial Park (world heritage site contender) where we have guests from all over the world visit. This machine would be not only a convenience for local people but possibly a life saving one for anyone in the area.