At ADAMA, we know how hard Canadian ag retails work to help farmers be successful and support their community. That’s why we’re giving ag retails a chance to give back even more.

This year, four outstanding ag retails will win $15,000 each to spend on the local causes of their choice. Here’s how to participate:

Nominate a Retailer

From December 10, 2018 to January 8, 2019, [nominate a retail] by filling out a form online. Answer a short list of questions provided about the retail you’re nominating and the good cause(s) they might choose to support, including:

  • Why do you think your retail deserves to win?
  • What charity/good cause(s) would you like to see the prize money go towards?
  • How would your community benefit if this retail were to win?

After submitting your form, you should receive confirmation that your nomination has been approved within one business day.

Earn Points to Help them Win

From January 10, 2019 to February 13, 2019, earn points for the retailer of your choice to help them win $15,000. Once you join a retailer’s “team,” point-earning activities will be sent weekly via email. You will also have the opportunity to earn bonus points through various mediums, including social media, industry events and more, so keep an eye out during the duration of the contest.

All legal residents of Canada with a valid email address are eligible to earn points.

Who Will Win?

Four regional winners will be selected – one from Eastern Canada (ON, NB, NS, PEI, NL) and three from Western Canada (BC/AB, SK & MB). Total number of points accrued will account for 100% of the judging criteria.

For more information, read the Contest rules and regulations.