Huron Perth Ag Service Inc.


After his company, Huron Perth Ag Service Inc., was nominated for #ThankARetailer, Jeff Borland knew exactly which project he wanted to support.

For the past two years, fundraising has been underway for Jessica’s House, a residential hospice named after Jessica Hamather, a young woman who lost her life to a rare form of cancer in 2015. The building will provide access to cancer support, suicide support services, palliative care and bereavement in Exeter, Ontario.

“If we can make it more comfortable for those who need it, it is well worth trying to help,” said Borland.

After an outpouring of support, Huron Perth Ag Service Inc. was named the 2017 #ThankARetailer winner for Eastern Canada and immediately donated their grand prize to Jessica’s House.

“It was very exciting, and the support we had was unreal. The whole community rallied behind us,” said Borland, adding that hospice services have been sorely missing in South Huron.

The proposed $3 million building and operations costs have been almost entirely funded by community donations, and South Huron Ag Service’s contribution has helped Jessica’s House move $15,000 closer to their goal.

Borland said, “If you can do good, and it helps the whole community, why not do it?”

The hospice has broken ground and is set for completion in 2018.


HPA staff are easily recognized in the community - active and interested in local clubs and charitable efforts. This year, for the first time, HPA Service entered a float in both Exeter, and Lucan's Santa Claus parades. The Exeter Lions Club, Bluewater-Zurich skating club, Kirkton Fall Fair and Farmers Curling Bonspiel are some of the organizations and events that receive sponsorship and leadership from HPA Service. Jeff and Drew annually initiate and host the Farmers' Curling Bonspiel, coordinating local farmers and industry partners who join for a "fun" day that results in a generous donation to the South Huron Hospital Foundation. HPA service is definitely a community player.


Near and dear to the hearts of many in our community is the current campaign for a residential hospice to be named "Jessica's House". This project is being organized by the South Huron Hospital Foundation, and is so named, in honour of a young woman, Jessica Hamather who lost her battle with a rare form of cancer last year. Huron Perth Ag Services plan to use the $15,000 donation to assist with funding this facility, that , in addition to current services and programs ,will expand to include a Bereavement Support program, a Men's Prostate Cancer Support group, a Suicide support group, a Children's Bereavement Support program, Horticultural Therapy sessions, and a Day Wellness program- for individuals diagnosed with life threatening illnesses. At Jessica's house, patients and their families will receive the medical, and emotional care that is so very much needed at the end of life. Truly a very sad but worthwhile cause.